The Last of the Stars:-Shahrukh Khan

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By Suyash Phulambrikar

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The Last of the Stars:-Shahrukh Khan On the 2nd of November 2023, our one-only star celebrates his 58th Birthday with all his joy and prosperous, on his 58th birthday I realized my own age and while I was calculating it, I tried a new way, I wanted to calculate my age by remembering the movies of Shahrukh khan, the King of Bollywood, by the way my age is 32, which also means that I am a 90s kid and my upbringing is all surrounded by watching Srk’s almost every movie till now, and I would like to start it with my oldest memory, and the first movie I have watched was anjaam, which came into 1994, although I was only 3 years old, so technically I haven’t watched the movie but the song was my favorite, BADI MUSHKIL HAI KHOYA MERA DIL HAI KOI USSE DHOOND K LAAE NA, as I was very young at that time, and I don’t know the meaning of that song but, as I was growing up and the song was my all-time favorite, I used to see myself in the mirror, took a bandage and stick it to the left corner of my forehead likewise the Shahrukh was having one in the song and trying to make a pout to get those charming dimples which were natural to him and very unnatural to me but I have tried a lot and later on I have realized that the dimples like Shahrukh khan is not my cup of tea, but till then his achievements were far more than my age.

Soon I started watching all his work. The movie Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naan is one of his favorites too, but the King did not like to watch his movies, he said in an interview. However, the movie did exceptionally well and is still one of my favorites, but as I was getting older the taste for the movies had become peculiar. I want to watch what suits me a lot, not like some melodramatic or a movie full of emotions, I want some real ones, a movie full of realistic cinema, and I wish God to give me some, but obviously, god did not have time for my stupid request, so instead of god the Director answer to my prayer and the King itself has come with a gem “DIL SE”, The movie was a complete blend of Hindi cinema, it has all those things that could make a Hero to Superstar, but what that movie did to SRK was it make him from a superstar to the King.

Shah Rukh Khan

This was the period when the King was doing enormous work for himself and for Bollywood. Most of the movies were romantic or romantic comedies. He was and still is our acclaimed romantic hero. But in 2003, the audience recognized that when our hero smiles, his charm wins hearts, but when he cries, the whole nation cries with him. The movie “Kal Ho Naa Ho” was a perfect representation of what Shahrukh can do when he cries on screen. Those were the golden years for Bollywood. King Khan was in his fast track mode, and year after year, he gave us unforgettable movies that you could watch countless times. No one will ever forget titles like “Don,” “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna,” “Chak De India,” “My Name is Khan,” and many more. But this quest for blockbuster success came to a halt in 2016. The last popularly acclaimed movie was “Dear Zindagi.” Many more movies came after that, but none created the same aura or returned the shine to the throne of our King.

Many assumed this was the end of an era, that Shahrukh Khan’s time had passed, and his charm was fading. Criticism was at its peak, and new actors were gaining fame and earning titles of stars, superstars, and megastars. The throne seemed empty, with no one having the capacity to get anywhere near it. Then, after a long interval of almost 6 years, on January 25, 2023, a movie was released – “Pathaan.” It was the comeback movie of King Khan, and as he said that famous dialogue in the movie, “Pathaan k ghar pe dawat rakhoge to, mehmaan nawazi karne Pathaan to aaega hi na.” This reflected that the nation and Bollywood seemed to be the home of Pathaan. What he did will never be explained in words. The movie broke all previous records with a grand opening, topped the box office charts, and earned the title of a blockbuster in one go. Bollywood had never witnessed a comeback like this before. The charm was back on track. Once again, everyone remembered what he had said in a show, that he is the last of the stars – a star that you can see, admire, and get inspired by, but no one has the capacity to shine as brightly as he does. May God bless him to be our one and only star for the rest of our lives.

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